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Bonnieland is not just a place to spend the night between excursions. Bonnieland is a place to live in! Without a disco or a swimming pool it may seem boring but -believe- it grows on you! Each morning is different: sometimes the valley is covered in the mist and only the hilltops reach out into the bright sunshine. Sometimes -though seldom- the clouds sail through the premises, sometimes there's a thundering tropical storm. But most days are sunny and filled with the song of hundreds of birds. The stars shine bright in the nights and the 'Poyas' (the days and nights of the full moon) are spectacular with the sounds of drumming and chanting carrying up from the temples in the valley. A great variety of fruit trees and tropical plants grow within Bonnieland's own surroundings. Behind the house, pepper and coffee is planted under the large forestry trees -the grassy hillside further up offers a magnificent view. Bird watchers and botanists should find plenty to do. You need not take books to Bonnieland. A couple of hundred volumes (both old and contemporary -in English and German) cover a wide range of interests. The 'back yard' lawn is suitable for crocket, petanque or badminton, there are several indoor games available too for both, young & old. If requested, ayurvedic treatments can be organised for long-term bookings. Should you love cooking you are most welcome to use our facilities or get instructed in local dishes by our old cook. The house is all yours! Bonnieland is neither a hotel nor a guest house -Bonnieland is your (colonial) home! Besides of being a home for individuals, couples, families or for a group of friends, Bonnieland is most suitable for all purposes of studying (it already boasts of one doctorate, the thesis developed and written in its peaceful atmosphere). Furthermore, the place offers an undisturbed but interesting habitat for all kinds of group encounters (two small & basic double rooms with a shared toilet can be added to the four comfortable rooms without additional charge) -the ideal number of occupants being ten to twelve. Excursions & trips to various objects of interest can be organised or assisted with (see: LOCATION / 'Where is Badulla').
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